February 16, 2012

Top 5 Birds You Didn’t Expect to See (Until Spring) from Mass Audubon

Mass Audubon recently published this online article regrading winter birds. A very interesting read!

"Northern Cardinals. Blue Jays. American Goldfinches. You expect to see these birds during the winter. But the American Robin and the Eastern Bluebird? These fabled harbingers of spring catch many New Englanders off guard this time of year. After all, shouldn’t they be sunning themselves down south?

Not necessarily. According to Joan Walsh, Mass Audubon’s Director of Bird Monitoring, many birds that have normally flown south for the winter are sticking around, possibly due to increasing temperatures and a more readily available food source (i.e., berries)–a trend that’s been increasing over the last 40 years. And, in some cases, we humans have contributed to the number of birds seen this time of year.

Read on to learn about some of the traditionally migratory species you’re likely to glimpse outside your window come rain, shine, or snow."

Read the full article here...

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