March 21, 2014

The Birdist on State Birds: What They Should be...

Many people are familiar with the State Bird Program (along with trees, flowers, food, and songs) that has passed into some type of state legislative gavel drop a single specie of bird that they (the gavel droppers) deem representative. The problem is the States bird list reads like a list generated by an angst ridden 8th grader; on one hand fearful of showing real interest on the other totally unaware of local flora and fauna (3 Robins, 5 Mockingbirds, 7 Cardinals)! I've written about the Cardinals before

I recently came across an amusing post by Nicholas Lund on his site Birdist titled, State Birds: What They SHOULD Be and it is one of the funnier things (bird related) I've read in some time. Despite some Maine - Massachusetts guff over the chickadee I think he gets it pretty right... warning bad language and seriously deep bird references ahead. 

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Tim Hirzel said...

Laughed aloud. so good.

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