February 25, 2014

Signs of Spring – Chickadee spring call

photo by Anne Greene
The gregarious champion of Massachusetts birds, the Black-capped chickadee is not only the state bird, a feeder favorite, and friendly charmer but its gentle song is a kind reminder that spring is near. The Black-capped chickadee is a “name sayer” or bird named after its own call or song. Like the Whip-poor-will, Bobwhite, and Crow the chickadee also tells the birder who it is through song. Most commonly heard saying “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” it often shortens this to a quick “chick-a-dee”.

But, as the roof begins to drip and some deep push of sprout begins to break the ground the chickadee turns to a melodious two noted “sweet-ie” or “see-saw” song. This welcoming two note song is heard beginning on sunny February days. The song is bright and breaks through the needles. Listen for the “sweet-ie” call, turn to face the sun, and close your eyes. Spring is near.  


The Leo Family said...

nicely said

Laurie said...

Such a great blog! This one brought a little happy tear to my eye with thoughts of spring!

falcon86e said...

I love this blog! I always associated this two-note call with spring but I never knew it was the chickadee.

Sara Smith said...

I've always felt that the chickadee's spring call carries a special blessing. And speaking of blessings, it's wonderful to follow a blog that includes such things!

Linda said...

Oh, I am so happy to find out the author of that beautiful, unique, and emotion-provoking sound is our little chicadee. Sweetie, Phoebe, whatever the name, it's divinely inspired.

Luke said...

I always thought the spring chickadee call was a mating call. Is that correct?

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