May 7, 2013

Second wave of warblers descends

Despite abysmal migration conditions the next wave of warblers has trickled into Southern New England. Listen for four new voices in the woods and marshes.

Black-throated Green Warbler: typically in stands of conifers or deep woods singing a repetitive "ZEE-ZEE-ZEE-zoo-ZEE" or "trees-TREES-murmuring-TREES" in which the ALL CAPS represent a higher pitch than the low caps. 

Northern Parula: Small, busy warbler found in flowering maple and oak trees in lots of cemeteries or parks. Song is a buzzy, rising sounds like someone hand cranking an electric motor. 

Yellow Warbler: Common to water edge, pond and river habitats listen for the "sweet-sweet-sweet-I'm so sweet" song of this tenacious all yellow warbler. 

Common Yellow-throat: these tenacious marshland birds have returned to the cattail wetlands around southern New England. Listen for a rolling, loud and repetitive "wichity-wichity-wichity". Raccoon mask and bright yellow chest and belly these little warblers are relentlessly elusive, singing just feet from your face but buried among the reeds. Knowing their song is a crucial. 

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