May 4, 2013

First wave of warblers

The first group of warblers to be watching for appear as early as late March and will hang around well into May (and even breed in parts of the region). Perhaps it's fitting that this first group is a drab little bunch as if holding out the vermilion, blaze orange, and hot yellow for the full burst of gregarious spring. The first band of  cool weather warblers to look for are:

Palm Warbler: tail bobbing, often low on the forest floor to just above head height.

Pine Warbler: The geneirc warbler... yellow breast and belly, wing bars, nothing out of the ordinary. 

Black-and-White Warbler: climbs up and down the trunks of trees like a nuthatch.

Yellow-rumped Warbler: these busy, common warblers like to fly out from a branch and catch bugs from the air. They have droopy wings that hang below their body and a notch in the tail. Listen too for the common "chup" call uttered to other near by "rumpies."

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