March 26, 2013

Bird feeders and squirrels... or why it might be hopeless

Mission Impossible Squirrel from Dan G on Vimeo.


ZoomDoug-61X said...

Very Cute Video .. however . . I have not (yet) been defeated by a squirrel . .
My feeder pole is 8' tall . . the 'top' six feet is 'shielded' by a piece of 8" stove pipe the bottom of which is 'bent' and screwed to the 2x4 "pole" .. There are no trees close enough for them to jump.
I keep them happy by tossing seeds to them every day :-) (maybe I am defeated haha).

Polly Brown said...

I can't wait to show this to my class. I love the place where the squirrel pauses to get ready for the dash.

anne greene said...

Fantastic! I want to buy a ticket for front row seats!

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