May 4, 2012

Here come the migrants - deep breathes

The month of May for bird watchers is like April for tax accountants, June for school teachers, and December for Santa Claus. It is the promise of new birds, the frustration of unrewarded work, and joy of finding something amazing. It is rising at 4:30am to bird watch prior to work, it is filled with soft rain, lacy flowering trees, and all the sounds of the jungle. For a new bird watcher May in New England can range from frustrating to exhilarating in a single morning. Over forty species of warblers alone pass through New England not to mention numerous vireos, thrush, and flycatchers and they all simultaneously fill the leafy tree canopies gulping down grubs and flies. To prepare for this magical season of bent necks and soggy sneakers the Daily Bird New England will become your personal motivational speaker.Over the next two weeks we will work to debunk many myths and give you some quick and dirty tips to make the most out of this fleeting month of birds. Cause if you bird watch good enough, smart enough, gosh-darn-it you'll find birds.

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