February 4, 2012

Birds of the Big Show – DBNE Super Bowl edition

The National Football League has teams representing five birds: ravens, falcons, eagles, cardinals, and seahawks. This eclectic mix of mascots range from the fearsome, though tired falcons and eagles to the far less threatening cardinals of Arizona.  Since Cardinals are found only sporadically in Arizona this mascot is based less in biology than an oversight of modern, revenue driven sports and the pension for trading teams from St. Louis, Missouri to Tempe, Arizona. The Baltimore Ravens are of course a literary nod to Edgar Allen Poe’s birthplace. The raven, however is a tough, intelligent and unforgiving bird making it a far better mascot than the scavenging eagle. You won’t find a Seahawk in any modern bird book but you don’t have to go to Seattle to see one. The term seahawk is an antiquated term for the Osprey, the fish hunting raptor found throughout coastal New England. Perhaps Seattle had the huge Steller’s Sea Eagle in mind when it named it’s team. These massive birds are only found in western Russia and on rare occasion the Aluetian chain. In the end of course it not a bird but a gritty, citizen solider, lover of homeland, ready to play the game of football in britches and a three-cornered hat – the Patriot - that will trounce all other animals, minerals, and hobgoblins from the land this Sunday. Go pats.

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