February 27, 2012

50,000 served

 Like McDonald's the Daily Bird New England celebrates a landmark in visitors served with its 50,000th read. Whether you call them “clicks, visits or page views” the measurement benchmark for all blogs is the number of times a page is opened. While there is no way to know how long people linger on a page, whether 40,000 of these reads were my mom, or what change these posts have made in the lives of New England birders I take great pleasure in knowing that more and more people are tuning into the lives of New England birds. With over 100 posts since I began the blog in December 2010 I’ve completed my goal of keeping the blog going for one year. As I cycle into my second spring you may recognize some of the posts as reruns but as I work to make this a truly daily dose of birds with 365 posts you will see timely information on both old and new topics. Thank you to all the readers, birders, and friends you have kept up with the Daily Bird New England.

Happy bird watching, 


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