April 3, 2011

Almost like McDonalds – 10,000 served

 10,000 jellybeans                                  
This is a thank you to all of the Daily Bird’s supporters and readers as the Daily Bird has just surpassed 10,000 “pageviews”. A single pageview is counted with each visit to or click of a link within this blog. The pageview counter is a built-in feature of Google Blogger the host program of all blogspot.com websites. The counter tracks pageviews not only by day but by hour and specific post. Crossing the 10,000th pageview is an exciting milestone and as migrants return to New England there will be more and more birds to report on, tips to share, and reasons to celebrate bird watching. I hope you continue to enjoy the Daily Bird New England, share it with friends and sign up for email notifications by entering your email in the small box to the right.

And a note to all teachers and educators: I would love to hear if you use this site in a K-12 classroom or if think it could be used as an educational tool in the classroom. For congratulations, complaints, or better still suggestions please email me at: AlexnaderJosephDunn@gmail.com  

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