February 8, 2011

Golden-crowned kinglet

“A tiny, effervescent, and crisply patterned pixie of a bird. Despite its diminutive size… overall neckless and plump.” (Pete Dunne’s Field Guide Companion)
This “pixie” of the woods is a boreal forest breeder that flits away the winter here in New England. The Golden-crowned kinglet filters up evergreen boughs like champagne bubbles and is often seen with other winter song birds like chickadees and titmice. It is the tiniest of this tiny crowd. Though not always visible, its golden crown can range from daisy yellow to deep orange and is a streak of color on the top of its head bordered by white and black. In February and March kinglets begin to move north to their breeding grounds and are evident in the New England woods, especially in coniferous trees like pine, spruce, and hemlock. Watch for the greenish back, white wing bar, and listen for the soft two noted “si-si” call of this tiny bird that so often goes unnoticed, hiding in plain sight.

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