December 17, 2010

Holiday gift guide - memberships

If you’re in need of a last minute holiday gift consider giving a membership to Mass Audubon or a regional conservation and preservation organization. Mass Audubon’s mission of preserving land and educating the public about the natural world in Massachusetts may seem like a small local drop in the big earth bucket but the 5000 acres protected by Mass Audubon play a crucial role in the global conservation movement. Research is showing that migrating birds need pockets of protected land at every step of their transnational journey. Small parcels of fields and streams in Massachusetts mean that Bobolinks from Argentina and Black-throated blue warblers from Panama have a place to breed right here in Massachusetts before their winter journey south.

Membership to Mass Audubon will not only help protect vital pockets of land in Massachusetts but it will give access to sanctuary properties around the state, discounts to classes and programs  and a subscription to Sanctuary magazine. I hope a membership to a local conservation group such as Mass Audubon makes it under the tree this year.

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