December 6, 2010

Binoculars (I/V)… Dear Santa

Forgo the diamonds, the Wii, the iPad and the Snuggie this holiday ask Santa to bring you a new pair of binoculars. Many of us begin our birding life with a pair of grandpa Joe’s “submarine spotters” or auntie Jane’s opera glasses. One a massive bulk of metal with loose fitting eye pieces and a range finder the other a diminutive pair of close set lenses. It’s time for an upgrade and since the modern era of bird watching has done away with the shotgun and “bird in hand” method of identification there is now a market full of wonderfully clear, lightweight, and weather resistant binoculars. Over the next five days I will overview the important numbers associated with any pair of binoculars (magnification, diameter, field of view, and price) and explain why people don’t always like big things.

For more on selecting binoculars please visit these links:

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